Angelo Rincovitch

Angelo Rincovitch founded Rincovitch Consultants in the mid-eighties and gradually developed a reputation with developers and builders for his unique, pragmatic approach to structural engineering. With passion for efficiency and constructability, he was a key figure in the “renaissance” of load bearing precast building construction in Melbourne, Victoria in the nineties, which became an influence in the design and construction of multistorey apartment buildings thereafter.

Today, Rincovitch operates in four locations nationally – Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Australian Capital Territory.

Rincovitch Victoria consists of a team of 40 engineers and draftsman to ensure projects of any scale can be handled in timely manner.

Rincovitch New South Wales was established in 2015 and has had a major impact on the Sydney market. The office is up to almost 20 engineers and draftsman and are on the way to replicating our Victorian model.

The Rincovitch Way

The Rincovitch team take the role of designing the skeleton of the building which connects all the design disciplines. To this end we have evolved a pragmatic, proactive approach to structural engineering, which marries with our drive for innovation and creativity.

Our main ethos is “treat the client’s money as if it is your own”.

We value our special capabilities to see beyond the pure structural engineering problem and utilise our experience and lateral thinking to devise creative and cost effective design solutions. Our construction knowledge ensures that our designs are practical, buildable and economical.

Rincovitch also prides itself on friendly, personalised service, meeting deadlines, prompt response times and most importantly delivering high quality documentation, which is continually honed and improved by practical experience and feedback.



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